Celebration of Life

Let's Plan a Celebration of Life

Deciding how to recognize the loss of a loved one is a personal decision and there are a variety of ways to pay tribute. A celebration of life can be held in addition to or in place of a traditional funeral, depending on your specific wishes.

What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life is an event where people come together to honor a person’s memory while gathering with family and friends. While similar to a traditional funeral or memorial service, a celebration of life is typically held after a burial or cremation has occurred. Because there are no physical remains present during the event, a celebration of life allows more time and flexibility in planning. Many families appreciate this because it provides the opportunity to determine the best way to celebrate their loved one and properly honor the life they lived.

While a celebration of life can be planned based on your preferences, they are typically less formal than a traditional funeral. People may still be grieving and processing their emotions, but these events are generally less somber and sad than a funeral or memorial service. Usually a celebration of life is intended to bring people together to share happy memories and stories about the deceased in a joyful way.

Every person is different and therefore every celebration of life will be different. Depending on the preferences of you and your family, these events can range from a peaceful casual reception to a full party filled with music and laughter. Our team takes pleasure in helping you explore the choices to plan an event that will honor your individual loved one’s personality and life. We are always available to assist when you are ready to start planning.