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What’s Included: Viewing


The Family Viewing

We encourage any family to take part in viewing their loved one before they are laid to rest in their final resting place whether it’s a cremation or burial service. The viewing helps the family to find some closure and begin the grieving process.

We are flexible to accommodate our families’ schedules and wishes. Viewings that our outside a normal schedule, other locations, or that require additional staffing, may have an additional service fee. This will be discussed at the arrangement conference.

  • Intimate Viewings – ideal for immediate family or single person next of kin .
  • Private Viewings – ideal for multiple family or friends up to 10.
  • Family & Friends (Public) Viewings – ideal for family and friends beyond 10 and with extended time spent with loved one.

Most families viewings take place at our location in Springfield, VA.

We recognize and accommodate religious rituals that include any family members wishing to take part in the bathing, and dressing, in preparation for the viewing.

Please note: All viewings will not take place in a casket. Every service does not require a casket . This will depend on the family’s selection of services.

"Our sole aim is to help you honor the legacy
and wishes of your loved one."

Our Story

 Lay to Rest Cremation & Funeral Home was founded in 2020 to serve the needs of individuals who desired cremation as an alternative to traditional burial. Lay to Rest Cremation is affiliated with Lay to Rest Funeral Planning. We support customers throughout the DC Metro area.

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